Khartoum Contemporary Art Center (KCAC) focuses on contemporary arts and cultures of Africa and the Middle East. It is a meeting place and a social arena for artists and their friends founded by Fadlabi and Karin Erixon.

Photo: Mimmi Mattila

Khartoum Bar

Khartoum can be seen as a bridge between the Middle East and Africa, and that is well reflected in the menu. Inspired by fresh fruit and spices from Africa and the Middle East’s long traditions of tea and alcoholic beverages, our menu offers unique and interesting compositions.

Our wine list focuses on natural wines. We serve snacks, cocktails, and in collaboration with Dronebrygg we present Camel Beer – our own beer with a strong historical anchorage to Sudan before 1983. We also serve fruity coffee from Kenya and Ethiopia.


Berivan Erdogan, Ang. Berivans Film

Berivan Erdogan (b. 1989) is originally a Kurd from Turkey, born in Molde, Norway and raised in Oslo. She is working mainly on subjects concerning gender and power-relations within a multicultural society. She has two BA‘s: one from the Art Academy in Oslo and one in Film Directing from Akademin Valand in Gothenburg. Erdogan also has an MA in Gender Studies from Gothenburg, and is currently studying an MA in Film at Valand. In her films and art projects, she is interested in exploring the topics of masculinity and violence.

“With this film I am exploring the topics of masculinity and violence through the characters, setting and situations they find themselves in. I am interested in how experiences and memories of violence reproduce violence, and how it is played out in both a father-daughter relation and actor-director relation. I am interested in confronting the nuances I personally find complex to relate to in relation to cultural and political identity, where topics of belonging, alienation and prejudice can be discussed.”

In January 2019, Erdogan had her Nordic premiere for Ang. Berivans Film at Gothenburg Filmfestival. Upcoming is Frame Filmfestival April 2019. In 2015, Erdogan got an International Art Award at Arte Laguna Prize in Venice. She has participated in group exhibitions such as Østlandsutstillingen (2015), Art Nova 100 Beijing (2015), Høstutstillingen at Kunstnernes Hus (2014) and Faces, Surfaces and Interfaces: Communities and the Commons, Goethe–Institut Wyoming Building, New York (2014).

Past Exhibitions

Photo: Malie Robb


Khartoum Contemporary Art Center (KCAC) is a non-profit conceptual arts initiative founded by Fadlabi and Karin Erixon with focus on contemporary art and new media. KCAC host live music, art exhibitions, talks, book launches, political talks, debates, screenings, if you come at night you can expect to hear an eclectic mix of tunes where you can dance to music such as house, afrobeat, funk, jazz, hip hop and much more.

The center was meant to be located in Khartoum, a city that was always a meeting point between Africa and the middle east since the day it was founded. The city with its African roots in the kingdom of Nubia and Kush and it’s Arabic and Islamic culture was always a fertile soil for identity crises and political conflicts and influences from both Pan Arabs and Pan Africanists simultaneously. It’s a bridge between the two and a border at the same time. A wall that separates them and a window for both to look into each other.

The main goal of KCAC is to motivate and develop discursive projects that stem from Africa and the Middle East. Bridging the gap between them and the rest of the globe. KCAC gardens a new understanding for arts in Africa and the middle east in relation to all aspects of our present life and cultures.

For now, our center is based in Oslo. A cultural center in exile, waiting for democracy and working to make it happen.


Khartoum Contemporary Art Center
مركز الخرطوم للفن المعاصر‎
Bernt Ankers gate 39, Oslo, Norway

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